Measured, pragmatic, and sustainable growth steps.

Emphasizing quality over quantity, detail-oriented Partner lead due diligence versus all too common "we'll figure it out" approach and hands-on management post-investment.
A curated history of the Firm.
  • 2008

    Advising Uncontained Living (Cape Town)

    The catalyst to modern-day Travel Capitalist started with Mr. Abrar Ahmad advising a persistent founder at a Cape Town travel startup while on an extended holiday in S Africa.

  • 2009

    Advising travel startup by Technorati Founder

    Confirming and refining our investment thesis with this high-profile Silicon Valley founder’s travel startup.

  • June 2010

    Founding of Travel Capitalist Ventures.

    Focusing exclusively on travel investments around the world from the first day until today.

  • Aug 2010

    First High Profile Main Stage Interview at WIT Travel

    Making the case for travel investments in Singapore.

  • 2015

    First Investment in Brazil

    Following our investment thesis when other investors were liquidating their Brazilian assets.

  • 2016

    First Investment in India

    Recognizing the potential for the Indian travel market.

  • 2016

    First Co-Investment (with Global Founders).

    Serving on the Board with the founder of Global Founders.

  • 2017

    First Investor to Recognize NDC Standard.

    Early adopter and supporter to now-ubiquitous standard.

  • 2018

    First Partnership in Travel History with Global Travel Association.

    Focusing exclusively on travel investments around the world from the first day until today.

  • 2019

    First Portfolio Company on SKIFT Most Promising Startups

    Embracing the travel industry appreciate Voopter (Brazil).

  • 2020

    Actively Helping During Covid-19

    Helping our portfolio companies to identify and navigate the Covid-19 global pandemic.

  • 2023

    Travel Capitalist Ventures Version 3.0 Launch

    The firms third inflection point by re-inventing travel investments in a post-COVID world.

  • 2023

    First Exit of 2023

    Successful exit from Calcutta real estate investment.

  • 2023

    First Investment in Pakistan.

    Growing our global footprint and portfolio.

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