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Abdulla Khalid

Qatar Based Global Investor.

Mr. Abdulla Khalid is a Partner with Travel Capitalist Ventures at the firms Doha office. He is an internationally educated investor with leadership positions in multi-billion dollar international investments, risk management, and strategic planning.

Mr. Khalid has spent 15 years in various government positions (including as a former Air Force pilot). From 2007 to 2017, he’s been the head of foreign investments for The Shawish Group, a leading group of companies, where he’s lead investments in over 10 countries and 6 asset classes generating audited double-digit ROI’s. He’s also co-invested in funds, equities, currencies, materials, bonds, and stocks with a leading Swiss bank.

Mr. Khalid is also the CEO and Founder of NBI Investments, an early-stage investment firm where he sits on the Advisory Board for Courus.Ai (run by former Virgin Charter CEO Scott Duffy).

He is a graduate of the Royal Academy at Sandhurst in addition to a Bachelor in Systems Engineering also from the University of Manchester.

He travels regularly for commitments to the USA, UK, Australia, and Europe.

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Jean-Francois Grollemund

Jean-Francois Grollemund, a seasoned investor & operator.

Mr. Jean-Francois Grollemund is a highly accomplished senior executive with wide international finance experience. He was the Chief Merger Officer at Activision Blizzard (formerly Vivendi Games) where he delivered over $200M in synergies and managed the company’s $8.5B USD merger.

Prior to this, he was the Chief Financial Officer and Board Member of Vivendi Games where he achieved record performance with annual revenues of $1.5B. He helped to shape the worldwide success of World of Warcraft by establishing a major presence in Europe, Korea, China, and other regions, and designing and solidifying business models in each region.

In only 3 years, World of Warcraft has generated more than 10 million subscribers and the company has grown to 4.200 employees worldwide. Jean-Francois has previously held EVP and VP positions around the world for Vivendi Book Publishing.

He is a graduate of Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris and DESS Droit et Sciences Economiques (University Pantheon Sorbonne).

Honors include the Chevalier de l’Ordre du Merite, France.

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Abrar Ahmad

Abrar Ahmad - Experienced Travel Executive & Travel Investor.

Abrar Ahmad, a Founding Partner at Travel Capitalist Ventures, a travel focused investment firm with 10 investments in 7 countries around the world.

Mr. Ahmad excels in identifying and evaluating travel trends and investment opportunities in key markets leveraging his 24-year tenure in the travel industry.

As a former travel agent, 50-person online travel agency owner, 20 person travel technology CTO overseeing one of the first travel consolidator booking engines, and most currently in his 10th year as a travel focused venture capitalist, Mr. Ahmad brings a unique viewpoint given his global travel, technology and business expertise.

Mr. Ahmad is on the Board of Advisors in travel fintech Eilago, travel news aggregator Travel Trade Today and with Oliver Samwer on the Board of leading Brazilian meta search company Voopter.

A listened to voice in the travel industry, Mr. Ahmad has been a speaker at numerous international events including The Economist Magazine’s “Future of Travel Summit” in Madrid, multiple IATA World Passenger Symposiums, and SITA Innovation Day.

He’s appeared in business and travel media including Economic Times India, CNBC-18, Bloomberg, SKIFT, PhocusWire, and Peninsula News (QR) and Arabian Business.

curated company news & updates
Join thousands of other professionals who receive our company news and updates.
curated company news & updates
Join thousands of other professionals who receive our company news and updates.
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