Global Company Hubs and Locations

A mix of virtual, in-person and on-site.

Team members are located in France, Switzerland, South Africa, India, Qatar and the UAE.

The nature of work and offices has drastically changed in a Post-Covid19 world and Travel Capitalist Ventures is no different. The firm congregates around hubs as needed for an investment or company event, working on-site with prospective investments or virtually as needed.

More Information

The company operates virtually on a day-to-day basis and comes together (in a compliant manner) at least 4 times a year in addition to formal weekly Monday discussions.

Registered Office

Rue de Lausanne, Geneva, 1201

Travel Capitalist Ventures LLC has a registered office in CHF with individual representative offices in Qatar and S Africa in addition to staff around the world.

General Inquiries (including Press, Media..)
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