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Travel Capitalist Ventures identifies, invests, and actively supports companies changing the travel industry. We know travel founders and management teams require not only capital but industry experience, introductions, supplier relationships and strategic guidance. We invest in lucrative niches within travel whether in Delhi, Dubai, or Detroit and bring our experience in travel, finance, and business through an integrated team solely focused on helping our investments to succeed.


The firm has a global investment mandate with holdings in the UAE, Qatar, S Africa, India, Brazil and the United States. Our publicly announced investments are listed in the Portfolio Page.

The firm first invested in the UAE in 2012, Brazil in 2015, first invested in India in 2015, first advisory company in 2008 and first investment in S Africa in 2020.


Our approach to investments page contains further details on how, where and related investments statistics.

Team Bios

Team members are located in France, Qatar and S Africa with biographies & headshots available on the Team page.

Social Media Links

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/travel-capitalist-ventures

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/travelcapitalist

Twitter: https://twitter.com/tcapitalist


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