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Our Approach

Travel Capitalist Ventures is a travel focused venture capital and private equity firm identifying, investing and actively supporting lucrative rapidly growing travel companies around the world.

We invest in lucrative travel verticals like travel fintech, travel payments, travel technology, and more, in B2B and B2C travel startups around the world.

We bring our deep expertise in travel, finance and business to each investment alongside select co-investors.

Founders benefit by freeing their time to rapidly grow their travel startup rather than having to explain what a PNR is, how NDC is being implemented or what a GDS is to their investors.

Co-Investors benefit from our leading from screening to exit knowing our highly detailed hands-on investment approach, risk reduction measures and experience minimizes risk and maximizes potential investment returns.


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The travel industry's first fully integrated global travel investor.

Our refined approach to investing is based on qualitative and quantitative factors including proprietary research, experienced local professionals, government and trade assistance.
A post-Covid travel investment climate requires experienced travel investors more than any other time in recent history. I am confident in our ability to proactively act and tactically react to the ebb and flow within the travel industry by leveraging our proprietary approach and strengths in a sustainable and profitable manner.
— Abrar Ahmad - Partner, Travel Capitalist Ventures
Our Philosophy

The Foundation Of an Investment



Travel Capitalist maintains a list of travel verticals, markets and companies that fall within our mandate based on our experience in travel and business, our research activities and internal discussions.



Prospective investments from inbound requests, referrals and previous engagements are evaluated based on the opportunity, the team, the market(s) they operate in, the travel verticals in question, revenue model, traction to date and (if) Travel Capitalist has a value add going forward.



A term sheet is offered and hands on due diligence is conducted by Travel Capitalist Partners (quite different than the norm) both virtually and on-site in later stages of discussion. The terms of the investment, structure, timing, the size of the investment round, others co-investing and prospective contribution to our broader portfolio are evaluated.



Every resource, contact, strategic advice, relationship and value add across the entire company is at your disposal. We live, eat, breathe travel and want to support the management team in identifying and executing upon their vision.


Frequently Asked Questions - Funding

What investment rounds/stages are a focus?

The firm invests across stages primarily from post-market fit onwards. Typically venture capital equity from large Seed Rounds through Series B via our Evergreen and Travel Fund I. Growth capital of $15M to $50M is available through the Growth fund and sovereign wealth co-investors we represent (before, during and after the investment). The firm does not provide bridge loans or financing to new investments although we intend on following up on all future rounds.

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Do you consider idea or pre-product market fit investments?

The company does not invest in idea stage companies; we typically recommend an incubator. Pre-product market fit companies with traction (paid customers, high usage..) should submit updates (via our contact form) and submit a request for funding when they’ve reached product-market fit.

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Which countries do you invest in?

Our mandate is global and there aren’t any strict limits on where. The firm is very comfortable making frontier and emerging market investments as we’ve done in Brazil, India, Pakistan and the Middle East.

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Where can I submit my investor presentation and financials?

Submitting your documents on our website is the ideal way to submit your investor presentation and financials. (https://travelcapitalist.com/funding). Our company follows standard venture capital and growth capital standards on which documents you should include but typically an investor deck, financials and a general description. You are welcome to link to a demo login or app where applicable.

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curated company news & updates
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